About Servi-Trak


Managed janitorial maintenance systems improve service

Servi-Trak is a full-scale janitorial software application that coordinates, tracks, and simplifies even the most complex commercial cleaning cycles. Our state-of-the-art technology platform was developed by services industry professionals for service industry professionals. Servi-Trak’s executive team has 30+ years of direct commercial cleaning experience, giving us firsthand knowledge of some of the biggest challenges faced by business owners managing a mobile workforce. 

Servi-Trak was designed to identify and resolve some of the most pressing client issues in our field, such as:

Employee turnover

Repeat service complaints

Effective job training

Gauging overall project progress

Servi-Trak delivers a cloud-based, one-source solution for owners, staff, and clients to coordinate every project detail, improve service results, and, most importantly, increase customer satisfaction. From contract launch to final site walk-through, Servi-Trak delivers invaluable insight to cut costs, retain current clients, and win new business. 

Servi-Trak: We Power Effective Work Load Management 

Yes, time tracking and staff scheduling are important components in any cleaning cycle. However, Servi-Trak delivers so much more than reactive, static project management. Our dynamic platform combines cutting-edge innovation with the functional tools you need to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies 
  • Eliminate communication breakdowns
  • Elevate customer service performance

Most importantly, Servi-Trak delivers complete project transparency so you can maintain your edge in today’s highly competitive cleaning services market. 

Remote Job Access For Mobile Building Services Management Anywhere, Anytime

Servi-Trak works anywhere you have Internet access, eliminating ineffective paper trails and manual logging. No more relying on key details being passed from the memory of your most senior team member; Servi-Trak puts mission-critical data right at your, your staff’s, and your clients’ fingertips for historical project perspective. Your team can quickly tap into the power of full scope information to review: 

  • Project issues
  • Customized inspections
  • Job status
  • Outstanding work orders

When combined with a comprehensive budget system to establish and track work loading, Servi-Trak delivers complete cycle monitoring to control current projects and proactively predict future requirements. 

Servi-Trak At Work


Our customized inspection capabilities help you monitor performance, showcase trends, and identify service deficiencies before your clients do. Here’s how you can “inspect what you expect” with Servi-Trak.

Work Orders

Stop chasing (and missing) pending work orders from failed items. Servi-Trak automates the entire work order process. Distribute notifications, capture communication, and close resolved issues, all with just a few simple commands.

Job Cards

Our innovative system uses iconic review training to give your staff a fast, effective visual of project cleaning responsibilities. Servi-Trak can systematically walk your team step-by-step through task completion to exceed client expectations.

Servi-Trak: Demo Request

Want an up-close look at how Servi-Trak’s dynamic data capture platform can redefine your field services workflow? We offer free, live software demos that outline our full suite of capabilities and give a thorough overview of our system’s extensive janitorial management functions. We also provide flexible scheduling and, like Servi-Trak, you can access your demonstration session from any digital device for optimal convenience. 

Sign up here for your product demonstration today! Or, contact our team to learn more about how Servi-Trak can optimize efficiencies within your cleaning company.

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