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Running a successful commercial cleaning and janitorial services business means delivering innovative solutions that optimize results and efficiencies for property managers and building maintenance professionals. Unfortunately, despite using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products, many office-cleaning firms still rely on outdated internal systems to track relevant data and manage clients. Manually data entry, sorting, and compiling information isn’t just slow (which it is) – it can actually hinder corporate success. 

Why Data Tracking Matters for Your Commercial Cleaning Service

Using a manual process for your commercial janitorial services firm could be putting your business at risk in four essential ways:

Increased Data Errors

Manually tracking the details of all of your janitorial cleaning services puts extensive pressure on your staff to transcribe every detail perfectly at all times, which is an impossible task. Handwritten and typed spreadsheets are inevitably plagued with typos, duplicates, and omissions.

Diluted Customer Service

Beyond unavoidable typos, manual tracking means that the quality of information stored relies solely on the motivation of individual staff members. Some of your employees will want to get all relevant information into the system, while others simply won’t, instantly diluting data integrity and consistency across your organization.

Data Silos

Every department in your janitorial services company requires access to different data sets at different times. Manually capturing information for referencing or for reporting purposes increases the likelihood of data silos, where only certain staff members can retrieve vital information. Additionally, having to collect manual data from multiple sources can waste invaluable staff hours. 

Lack of Security

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s essential to protect your clients’ sensitive data at all times. Manual tracking systems typically aren’t password protected or permissions-based, increasing the chance of mission-critical information such as credit card numbers, internal contacts, and project costs being mishandled. 

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