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Successfully running your commercial cleaning business means eliminating redundancies and optimizing operational efficiencies at all times. A well-appointed janitorial app can help. Implementing an innovative software solution designed specifically for your services company can expedite planning, organizing, and scheduling all while effectively minimizing procedural gaps and maximizing business value.

Of course, deciding to use a janitorial app is only the first step in the process. You must also determine which commercial cleaning software platform to use. Go into the process armed with a few vital tips to identify the best software solution for your cleaning business.

When choosing a janitorial app, look for:

Cloud-Based Innovation

Managing a mobile workforce makes mobile technology a must. Waiting for an Internet connection (or until you’re finally back in the office) to input critical project details increases the chance of something being inaccurately logged or overlooked entirely. Cloud-based functionality delivers real-time data capture as well as real-time data retrieval to ensure your crew can move at maximum capacity.

Full-Scope Functionality

Your chosen janitorial app should provide everything you need to run your organization effectively and seamlessly. Unfortunately, not all software platforms offer the capabilities needed to drive efficacy and profitability. Full-scope functionality should include:

  • Centralized data capture
  • Complete cycle management
  • Work order automation
  • Customized inspections
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Task training

Carefully assess the features of a potential solution to adopt technology that truly suits your needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Put simply: time is money. You, your team, and your clients simply don’t have countless hours to spend learning a complicated software system. Yes, a system’s more advanced functionality will require some initial ramp-up time. However, an engaging, innovative application offers intuitive features that deliver ease of use right from the start.

Customized Dashboards

As a business owner, you have specific fields and information you need at your fingertips. An application with a customized dashboard allows you to put mission-critical data at the forefront of your Toperations.

Device Agnostic

Not only should you be able to access project intelligence on the go, but you should also be able to access project intelligence on a wide range of smart devices. Look for an application that works with any operating system and on tablets, phones, and computers to guarantee seamless data connection at all times.

Servi-Trak’s mobile janitorial services solution delivers end-to-end functionality to manage your entire cleaning cycle. Contact the team for more information or request a free demo today!