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In 2012, we decided to delve into the software world by founding Servi-Trak with one simple (but critical) mission: to develop, and launch an innovative janitorial software solution that manages the entire industrial cleaning cycle, from start to finish.

We soon realized that having a mission was one thing, but having a completed product was another thing altogether. After a design process that took years and several iterations, Servi-Trak is officially complete. We can honestly say that our team’s hard work and countless development hours were worth it; our finished product doesn’t just live up to my original vision – it exceeds it.

Why Servi-Trak?

After learning about our career shift, many have asked, “Why Servi-Trak?” Or, “Why now?” In truth, Servi-Trak doesn’t feel like a career shift at all; instead, it feels more like the next logical career step. Our 30+ years of direct commercial cleaning experience has given us firsthand insight into what works in our vertical…and what doesn’t. Of course, no field has a perfect operations process. However, one major issue plaguing business owners in our industry struck us, time and again: the lack of an effective, accurate, and fully automated data management resource.

Traditionally, data capture within the janitorial vertical is a manual, and inconsistent, process. Owners, crew leaders, team members, and even clients often store and track data using individualized, disconnected spreadsheets, or worse yet, with (gasp!) pen and paper. The result? Project intelligence is overlooked, misinterpreted, or lost altogether, leaving key players throughout the cleaning cycle without the mission-critical data needed for seamless staff service, complete customer satisfaction, and ultimate job success.

We realized that the best way to optimize efficiencies, launch employee performance, and enhance the overall client experience was to create a comprehensive software solution that centralizes business intelligence and delivers real-time information. It was then that the Servi-Trak concept was born. We proudly offer a complete cloud-based software solution designed by janitorial service experts for janitorial service experts. Crews and clients can log in anywhere, anytime to minimize cycle risks and maximize final results.

We are confident that Servi-Trak’s innovative, intuitive design will change the way you do business at your commercial cleaning firm – but don’t take our word for it. Schedule your no-risk product demonstration today.