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Servi-Tek, a leading provider of customized janitorial services, recently partnered with the Servi-Trak team, exclusively using our state-of-the-art data capture platform throughout all of their client engagements. An innovator in the industrial cleaning vertical, Servi-Tek has earned a reputation for leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate the commercial cleaning cycle and drive seamless customer service. Designed by janitorial professionals for janitorial professionals, Servi-Trak’s integrated software system delivers a comprehensive solution that complements Servi-Tek’s existing client approach, instantly optimizing efficiencies and overall project success.

Our unique functionality offers a multitude of user benefits across Servi-Tek’s global client base. Some of our many system advantages include:

Full Automation

Manual data capture is often riddled with errors and miscalculations. Additionally, multiple project stakeholders may collect and store information in silos, completely inaccessible to other team members. Servi-Trak eliminates the dreaded paper trail, aggregating all details in one centralized, digital location.

Cloud-Based Access

Many commercial cleaning software applications only work on specific operating systems. Servi-Trak’s cloud-based technology offers access on any electronic device with a Wi-Fi connection. Laptops, smartphones, tablets – users can log into their private Servi-Trak account anywhere, anytime.

Site Analysis

Servi-Trak analyzes stored project information for a comprehensive site analysis. This instant access to key details such as facility type, cycle requirements, and any special requests enhance staff execution and elevates service levels.

Individual Task Training

Staff changes and new hires often result in service lapses with specific cleaning tasks. Servi-Trak stores all project responsibilities and job cards directly into the system. Crews can retrieve and review all relevant information for every cycle requirement to minimize performance gaps.

Tracked Work Orders

Even industry frontrunners like Servi-Tek recognize that there’s always an opportunity to improve service excellence with every client engagement. Servi-Trak’s Work Order functionality allows the janitorial cleaning leader to quickly zero in on any missed opportunities. With just a few quick clicks or screen taps, Servi-Trak grants big-picture insight on project issues and client concerns for virtually instant executive attention and modifications. Servi-Trak allows team leads and management to track every phase of the work order as it moves through the relevant staff channels toward final resolution and inspection approval.

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