Intuitive Janitorial Solutions


Site Analysis

Launch every project with a thorough, customized site analysis profile. Here, you and your designated staff members will curate, store, and access essential project data.

Job Cards

Servi-Trak instantly uploads your Site Analysis data into phase two of the cycle management process: Job Cards. No more typing or texting customer information and cleaning strategies to individual employees.


Say goodbye to inefficient paper trails. Servi-Trak’s customized digital Inspections expedite your QA process and verify actual work completed. Site evaluators can quickly access all past work orders and assessments to calibrate current inspection focus.

Work Order

Servi-Trak stores and analyzes every inputted work order to identify missed opportunities, service issues, and performance gaps for agile process modifications. Each Work Order correction initiates the Servi-Trak Complete Cycle for a thorough, constant stream of real-time project information.

Additional Features

Calendar of Periodic Work


Managing your business’ ever-changing schedule is a full-time job. Servi-Trak does it all for you. You, your crew leaders, and your employees can view daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities to help you plan in advance for success.


Training Modules


Servi-Trak’s training modules set the standard of janitorial service excellence with your customers. Your frontline cleaning professionals instantly access the training and certification needed to master individualized tasks and responsibilities for efficient and thorough final results.